The Average of Everything

by Sine

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「The Average of Everything」 is a five-track powerhouse that is reflective of the range of the band's influences, from math rock to progressive, metal and jazz.

The EP tells a story of how the band decided to dive into its experimental roots, where each track is intentionally recorded to sound different from one another and is characterised by different subgenres of rock. Despite these differences in subgenres, the band's unique sound is still evident in every track.

The result is an EP where each song feels like a chapter in a book, yet each chapter is tied to the common theme of the band's sound.


released April 19, 2018

Song and Lyrics by Sine
Photo by Gerald Tan, Edited by Jayne Lam
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Aeonix Productions


all rights reserved



Sine Singapore

conflicted songs

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Track Name: Chaos
Boom pa boom pa pa
Boom pa boom pa pa
Track Name: One Day
Where is it?
The idea of thought being absolute
Where is it?
The drowning of life into the black sea

Break it down
The walls that seem to be blocking you
Taste the sound
The sound that feeds your heart's emptiness

Speechless, heartless, mindless, I'll go
Searching, reaching, looking for truth
Justify everything that you know
I don't want to feel this at all

So please let me know
That I'm on my own
Go on and leave, don't turn back
Just fade away

Drenched and cold from this rain
Grey dull sky is crying
But somehow I looked up and smiled
With no reasons, I seem to know
That one day
I will see you again
Track Name: Full Dive
Mary, spin with me and dance
Can you hold my hand now
The surreal place where we can be
Dance around me and be free
Till the sun comes out
This will last for now

I will guide you to the place you seek
The place of my shadow
In this safe haven
Walk this path to find your true self at
The end of the abyss

Take a dive with me and explore the depth
Of this place, inside of me
Drown the sun, bring out the night
The calmness surrounds me

Afraid of the end
Want to turn back
The broken truth
Take back the lie

What is this cheerful and happy feeling
The sun has set, the sky turned dark
The world has stopped spinning round and round
Tell me why

The sound of the waves
The glare of the light
The air on my skin
The scent
I see my shadow, she will know
Bring me home
Track Name: Vapour
Everything I'm looking for
Seems to be far from me
It's like holding onto air

Everything I'm searching for
Seems so hard to attain
On the surface of the light

There is no where that I would go
Without you
I don't want to know

I am now holding on to stillness
There's a place inside I never knew
Why do I keep dreaming of you
Taking me apart

Your air is taking my breath away
Slowly, silently
Why do I keep visioning you
Through your eyes

Everything is haunting me, drowning
Live for reasons, deny you
We are all alone
We are all the same
Track Name: Gale
There was a man, in front of me
Subconsciously rising up
There is meaning in everything
The clouds are shrouding my memory
Where are my thoughts, I never knew
Like the dance of the wind
It fades away slowly

Unexplained consequence delve right into me
One more time
Everlasting emptiness takes away my pain
Get out, get out
From me

Prey, bottom of the maze
Everything's done for me
Nothing’s left for you
Traitor of the sacred place
Consume everything
Become one
Take me out

Paralyse, your compromise
Everything’s done for you
Die once again

Sympathise, and cry
Everything’s done for you

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